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Protecting Tenants

Our advocacy defends New Yorkers from eviction, ensures struggling families have the resources they need to stay in their homes, and fights systemic issues that have kept stable housing unattainable for people across the city

Stay up to date with our most recent housing work and learn what we are doing to protect tenants.

Eviction Moratorium

As COVID-19 swept through our city, thousands of New Yorkers found themselves out of a job and unable to pay rent through no fault of their own. We successfully helped push through a sweeping eviction moratorium which kept our city’s most vulnerable in our homes. Today, we continue to fight for the rights of tenants.

Good Cause Legislation

“Good Cause” legislation would give tenants a right to renew their leases and defend against exorbitant rent hikes. This new bill would further protect our clients and communities, building on the historic rent reforms we helped win in 2019. Learn more about our fight for Good Cause.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Even with tenants protected from evictions, many New Yorkers still need support for housing-related issues. Read a firsthand account from Jodi Almengor, a paralegal in the Bronx, and learn about her work with the communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep New Yorkers in Their Homes

Help our staff as they protect vulnerable New Yorkers across our city. Join our fight and make a gift now.

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