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Our Leadership

Janet Sabel

Report of the

"No one has a deeper understanding or greater empathy for our client communities than the individuals who make up The Legal Aid Society."

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  • John K. Carroll

  • Richard J. Davis

Report of the
President & Chair

“As one of the most difficult and disturbing years in memory comes to a close, we look forward with great hope and inspiration.”

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Board of Directors

Comprised of some of the brightest minds from law firms,
law schools, corporations, and communities, our board
members provide crucial guidance that strengthens our work.


John K. Carroll

Douglas F. Curtis

Scott Rosenberg
Secretary and General Counsel

Chair of the Board of Directors

Richard J. Davis

Vice Chairs of the Board of Directors

John K. Carroll

Thomas M. Cerabino

Douglas F. Curtis

Mark P. Goodman

Tracy Richelle High

Randy Mastro

Sara E. Moss

Bradley I. Ruskin

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Richard F. Albert
  • Deborah N. Archer
  • Nicole Argentieri
  • Christopher D. Belelieu
  • Steven M. Bierman
  • Barry A. Bohrer
  • Alvin L. Bragg
  • Lara Samet Buchwald
  • Zachary W. Carter
  • Alex V. Chachkes
  • Roger A. Cooper
  • Matthew Diller
  • June S. Dipchand
  • William R. Dougherty
  • Scott A. Edelman
  • Edward Flanders
  • Jeffrey A. Fuisz
  • Christopher L. Garcia
  • Linda C. Goldstein
  • Meaghan C. Gragg
  • David J. Greenwald
  • Jason M. Halper
  • Richard F. Hans
  • David G. Hille
  • Elai Katz
  • Atif Khawaja
  • Natalie Lamarque
  • Gillian Lester
  • Adeel A. Mangi
  • Aaron R. Marcu
  • J. Kevin McCarthy
  • Joan McPhee
  • Thomas C. Meriam
  • Perry A. Napolitano
  • Charles C. Platt
  • Brian H. Polovoy
  • Sharyl A. Reisman
  • Julissa Reynoso
  • William Savitt
  • Paul H. Schoeman
  • Bart R. Schwartz
  • William Schwartz
  • L. Kevin Sheridan Jr.
  • Tiffany J. Smith
  • Audra J. Soloway
  • Joseph L. Sorkin
  • Dina Ganz Traugot
  • Christine A. Varney
  • Andrew M. Wasserman
  • Charles Weinstein
  • Peter M. Williams
  • Jamie L. Wine


Leaders of The Legal Aid Society are some of the most respected in their fields, offering decades of experience and perspective gained from dedicating their careers to ensuring equal justice.

Janet Sabel

and Chief Executive Officer

Adriene Holder

Civil Practice

Tina Luongo

Criminal Defense Practice

Dawne Mitchell

Juvenile Rights Practice

Archana Jayaram

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Rosenberg

Secretary and General Counsel

Allan Fox

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jon Fish

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Nada O’Neal

Chief Information Officer

Patricia Bath

Director of Communications

Sharon Kleinhandler

Director of Development

Ciara Walton

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Louis Sartori

Director of the Pro Bono Practice

Bharati Narumanchi

Director of Recruitment

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The Legal Aid Society is built on one simple but powerful belief: that no New Yorker should be denied the right to equal justice.

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