Take a Stand For Justice

Our system favors those with money and privilege. We’re working to change that. Stand with us to guarantee equal access to justice for all New Yorkers.

Giving & Donations

Giving & Donations

A contribution to The Legal Aid Society is about more than money.

Every donation helps us offer essential legal services to thousands of everyday New Yorkers, helping people secure their rights to housing, food, and medical care for themselves and their families. Donate online, or explore other ways to stand with us.

How Your Donation Helps

Your tax-deductible donation helps us make the voices of all New Yorkers head. Here’s what we’ve achieved together so far.


Individual Civil cases and legal matters, that benefited more than 103,300 low-income children and adults.


Of evictions prevented in full representation matters, allowing a total of 3,274 New Yorkers and their families to stay in their homes. We delayed evictions in an additional 16% of cases.


Secured in retroactive benefits, equaling an average of $415 in ongoing monthly benefits for clients.

Pro Bono Publico: For the Public Good

Volunteers increase the volume, scope and impact of The Legal Aid Society’s work on behalf of clients throughout New York City. Annually, over 4,000 volunteers are provided with training, supervision, and mentorship, allowing them to deliver life-changing legal assistance to thousands of clients.

Digital Action & Activism