2021 Annual Report

2021 Year By The Numbers

Our 2021 Impact


Individual legal matters handled by The Legal Aid Society.


Hours of pro bono work by 2,915 legal volunteers.


Helpline calls answered for a range of legal issues.


Adults vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19 who are now eligible for better shelter placements, the result of a Legal Aid suit.


Legal services provided by the Community Justice Unit, including rap sheet clinics, safe surrenders, and Know Your Rights events.


Youth clients diverted from Criminal Court to Family Court, pursuant to Raise The Age, where they will be given the chance they deserve.


Clients who received holistic social work services, including advocacy for alternatives to incarceration and individualized sentences based on their circumstances.


School-aged children now have reliable internet access, after a settlement with the city requiring wireless installation at 240 homeless shelters.


Noncitizen clients freed from ICE detention through habeas petitions, bond hearings, and advocacy with ICE, since March 16, 2020, when the pandemic hit New York City.

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