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Current Press Releases and Statements:

September 2022

09/27/22 LAS Statement on Mayor’s Comments on Asylum Seekers and New York’s Right to Shelter
09/27/22 LAS Demands Answers Following Recent Deaths of Two More Incarcerated Clients
09/26/22 Munonyedi Clifford Named Attorney-in-Charge of LAS’ Citywide Housing Justice Practice
09/23/22 LAS Reaffirms Demand for Albany to Act on Key Protections for Tenants
09/22/22 LAS Statement on the City’s Response and Relief Centers for Asylum Seekers
09/22/22 New NYS Data Confirm Statewide Effectiveness of Bail Reform
09/22/22 LAS Secures Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal for Client Who Patted Giuliani
09/19/22 LAS Statement in Response to Reports City is Considering Sheltering Migrants on Cruise Ships
09/15/22 LAS Responds to City Hall’s Comments on Reassessing Right to Shelter Practices
09/14/22 LAS Responds to Mayor’s Statement on Violations of Law at the Shelter Intake Facility
09/13/22 LAS Statement on Violations of Law at the City’s Single Men Shelter Intake Facility
09/12/22 LAS Statement on NYC BOC Report on 2021 Suicide and Drug-Related Deaths in DOC Custody
09/08/22 LAS Statement on DHS’ Final Public Charge Rule
09/07/22 LAS Statement on DA Gonzalez Vacating Over 370 Convictions Involving Discredited Officers
09/02/22 LAS Releases List of NYPD Officers with the Highest Lawsuit Payouts, Most Cases Concluded

August 2022

08/31/22 LAS Statement on Michael Nieves, the 13th New Yorker to Pass in DOC Custody This Year
08/31/22 LAS Files Lawsuit Against DOCCS Over Abuses Suffered by Transgender Man While in Custody
08/29/22 LAS Demands Action For Johnnie Jackson, Client Who Fell Prey to Deed Theft Scam
08/29/22 LAS Calls for Transparency Regarding Monkeypox Vaccine Access in New York City Jails
08/25/22 LAS Statement in Response to Governor Hochul’s Remarks on “Dangerousness”
08/25/22 LAS Statement on Launch of Applications for NYS Marijuana Retail Licenses
08/24/22 LAS Statement on U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Advance Final DACA Rule
08/21/22 LAS’s Exploitation Intervention Project Surpasses 2,000 Convictions Vacated
08/18/22 LAS Statement on Additional Right to Shelter Violation Committed by the City
08/15/22 LAS Statement on City’s Inaccurate Shelter Report that Failed to Include Violations of Law
08/15/22 City Council Task Force Releases Report on Crisis Facing TGNCNBI people in NYC City Jails
08/12/22 LAS Statement in Response to Alleged Cover-Up at NYC Shelter Intake Facilities
08/12/22 LAS Calls for a Special Session to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
08/11/22 Advocacy Groups Unveil “Roadmap to Eliminating Lead Poisoning in NYC”
08/11/22 LAS Demands Investigation into Violations at NYC Shelter Intake Facilities
08/10/22 LAS Hails Court Order: DOC to Pay Roughly $200K to New Yorkers Denied Medical Care
08/10/22 LAS Statement on the City’s Plan to End Youth Homelessness
08/09/22 LAS Demands Answers on the Surge in Shelter Applications, Calls for Adequate Capacity
08/08/22 Advisory: LAS, Advocates Hold Press Conference on Homeless Shelter Intake Process
08/05/22 Statement from LAS in Response to Texas Busing Migrants Seeking Asylum to New York City
08/04/22 Data: City Paid Out Almost $68 Million in Lawsuits Alleging Police Misconduct
08/03/22 LAS Statement In Response to Bail Reform Comments from Mayor and NYPD Commissioner
08/01/22 LAS Responds to City’s Emergency Procurement Declaration for Shelter and Services
08/01/22 LAS Receives $250,000 Grant to Expand Efforts to Prevent Foreclosures

July 2022

07/28/22 LAS Lauds NYC Council for Oversight Hearing on Homeless Shelter Intake Process
07/28/22 Julia McNally Named as Attorney-in-Charge of LAS Queens Neighborhood Office
07/26/22 As NYC Evictions Continue to Grow, LAS Calls on Albany to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
07/25/22 NYIFUP Providers Condemn Dangerous Transfers from Orange County Correctional Facility
07/25/22 LAS Calls on Local DAs to Better Hold Accountable Those Who Commit Deed Theft
07/22/22 LAS, Coalition for the Homeless Release Letter Regarding Information on Shelter Intake
07/21/22 LAS Responds to Mayor’s Misleading and Problematic Remarks on Local Homeless Shelters
07/20/22 LAS Condemns City Denying Homeless Families With Minor Children Shelter Placements
07/20/22 Amid Heatwave, LAS Demands Answers on Measures to Protect Incarcerated New Yorkers
07/19/22 LAS Decries Mayor’s Comments on Asylum Seekers Adding to Homelessness Crisis
07/15/22 LAS Statement from Counsel for Michael Lopez, 11th to Die in DOC Custody This Year
07/14/22 LAS Calls on Albany to Convene a Special Session to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
07/12/22 LAS Statement on Albany Appealing Decision Which Struck Down Local “Good Cause” Law
07/11/22  LAS Statement on the Resignation of NYS Court of Appeals Chief Judge Janet DiFiore
07/08/22 LAS Files Lawsuit Demanding Repairs in Bronx Building with Nearly 500 Violations
07/08/22 Lawyers: DOC Continues to Be in Contempt of Court
07/01/22 NYC Council Testimony: Mayor Adams’ Housing Plan

June 2022

06/30/22 LAS Statement on Court Decision Striking Down “Good Cause” Eviction Protection in Albany
06/30/22 LAS Statement on SCOTUS Ruling in Biden v. Texas
06/27/22 LAS Statement from Counsel for Daniel Gill
06/24/22 LAS Statement on SCOTUS Ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
06/24/22 Data: DOC Still in Contempt for Failing to Ensure Incarcerated New Yorkers’ Access to Care
06/23/22 LAS Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in NYS Rifle & Pistol Association v. Kevin P. Bruen
06/22/22 LAS Statement on Mayor Adams’ Correction-Related Announcement
06/21/22 LAS Condemns Rent Guidelines Board Vote to Increase Rents on Vulnerable New Yorkers
06/21/22 LAS Statement on the Death of Albert Drye, 8th New Yorker to Pass in DOC Custody this Year
06/21/22 Newark Repeals “Needy Person Ban” in Wake of Litigation Brought By Lowenstein, LAS
06/21/22 LAS Calls for a Freeze on All NYC Rent Increases
06/19/22 LAS Statement on Juneteenth
06/17/22 Report: DHS Delays Its Plan to Add Burdensome Requirements for Homeless New Yorkers
06/16/22 LAS Lauds Publication of Prison Labor Report from ACLU, University of Chicago Law School
06/16/22 LAS Lauds Governor Hochul for Signing the Public Housing Preservation Trust into Law
06/16/22 LAS Announces Distribution of Over $22 Million in a Class Action Settlement
06/15/22 LAS Lauds SCOTUS Vote to Dismiss Effort to Defend Trump-Era Public Charge Rule
06/14/22  LAS Statement on Mayor Eric Adams’ Housing Plan
06/09/22 Defenders and Legal Services Organizations Call for Increased Resources
06/08/22 LAS Launches Campaign to Educate New Yorkers on their Parole Rights
06/07/22 LAS, 70+ Organizations Call for Greater Access to Early Voting in NYC Jails
06/07/22  City Data: DOC Failed to Facilitate Almost 40K Medical Appointments
06/06/22 LAS and Advocates Rally for Greater Access to Early Voting in NYC Jails
06/04/22 LAS Lauds Passage of Debt Collection Protections, Calls on Governor to Sign
06/03/22 Advocates Applaud Legislation to Premitting Health Care Consent for Minors
06/02/22 LAS Condemns City for Moving Elder and High Risk Homeless New Yorkers
06/02/22 LAS Lauds Passage of the Public Housing Preservation Trust and Calls on Governor to Sign it
06/01/22 LAS Secures Historic Reforms to Port Authority Police Department’s Discriminatory Practices

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