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Press Room

For press inquiries, contact:

Redmond J. Haskins
Deputy Communications Director
The Legal Aid Society

Current Press Releases and Statements:

June 2021

06/19/21 LAS Statement on Juneteenth
06/16/21 LAS Statement on DOJ Overturning Trump-era Rules Limiting Asylum
06/16/21 LAS Releases Report Detailing Early Intervention and Community Engagement Work
06/14/21 LAS and Loeb & Loeb Secure $400,000 in Employee Sexual Harassment Case
06/12/21 LAS Aid to Albany: Reconvene to Pass Critically Important #CleanSlateNY Legislation
06/11/21  LAS Calls on Cuomo to Enact Legislation to End Majority of Arrests, Prosecutions of Children
06/11/21  LAS Calls on Governor Cuomo to Enact The Less Is More Act into Law Immediately
06/10/21  LAS Analysis: NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Continues to Plague Communities of Color
06/08/21 LAS Statement on BOC Vote Relating to City Solitary Confinement Practice
06/07/21 Immigration Advocates Condemn “Disappearance” of Detained Clients After Sudden Transfers
06/07/21  LAS Urges Action on Comprehensive Parole Reforms, Clean Slate Legislation
06/03/21 Charges Against George Bell, Rohan Bolt And Gary Johnson Dismissed After 24 Years In Prison
06/03/21 Juvenile Justice Advocates Renew Push to End the Arrest and Prosecution of Children
06/01/21 LAS, Partners Launch Housing Helpline to Assist Immigrant Renters with NYS ERAP
06/01/21 LAS Statement on Pride Month 2021

May 2021

05/26/21 LAS Lauds Passage of Legislation to Provide Life-Saving Medication to Incarcerated People
05/25/21 LAS Calls on Cuomo to Immediately Enact Critical Bill for Survivors of Human Trafficking  
05/25/21 LAS Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder
05/24/21 LAS Condemns SI Landlord Attorney for Using Racist Language in Eviction Filings
05/20/21 NYIFUP Urges Enactment of the Dignity Not Detention Act in New York State
05/20/21 National Coalition Calls on Officials to Protect Young People at Risk of Deportation
05/17/21 LAS 44th Annual Servant of Justice Awards Celebrated Resilience of Staff, BIPOC Communities
05/13/21 LAS Calls on DA Candidates to Overturn Convictions Involving Corrupt NYPD Officers
05/12/21 LAS, Defenders Call for Review of Cases Made by Three Recently Indicted NYPD Officers
05/12/21 LAS Statement on Vincent Schiraldi Becoming the next NYC DOC Commissioner
05/12/21 LAS Statement on Latest Nunez Independent Federal Monitor Report on Abuse in NYC Jails
05/11/21  LAS Analysis: NY is One of Only a Few States Without an Operational Rent Relief Program
05/10/21 LAS Wins Writ Securing Release of Wrongfully Convicted Client James Davis
05/05/21 LAS Statement on Albany Enacting the NY HERO Act
05/05/21 LAS Statement on Rent Guidelines Board’s Preliminary Vote
05/05/21 LAS, Advocates, Candidates Call on Albany to Pass “Good Cause Eviction” Legislation
05/04/21 Ahead of Rent Guidelines Board Preliminary Hearing, LAS Calls for Rent Rollback
05/04/21 Advocates Call for DOE Office to Support Students in Foster Care
05/04/21 LAS Calls on DAs to Vacate Convictions Where Corrupt NYPD Officers Played Essential Roles
05/03/21 LAS Statement on Statewide Residential Eviction Moratorium Legislation

April 2021

04/27/21 Advisory: Defenders Call to End Practices Depriving Black & Brown New Yorkers of Property
04/27/21 NYS Defenders, Advocates Reaffirm Call on Albany to Enact Comprehensive Parole Reforms
04/24/21 LAS Statement on Legislation to Extend New York State’s Residential Eviction Moratorium
04/22/21 LAS Wins Reversal for Brooklynite James Davis in 2006 Murder Conviction
04/22/21 LAS Announces 750,000 Settlement for Client Illegally Shackled During Labor by NYPD
04/22/21 LAS Statement on Reporting that DOCCS has Suspended Prison Vaccinations Efforts
04/21/21  LAS Statement on DA Vance Announcement to Dismiss Prostitution, Massage Cases
04/20/21 LAS Statement in Response to Derek Chauvin Verdict
04/20/21 LAS Shares Crucial #KnowYourRights Protest-Related Information for New Yorkers
04/20/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Extend Protection to Prevent Widespread Evictions and Homelessness
04/19/21 LAS Calls on Governor Enact the HERO Act That Would Codify Critical Workplace Protections
04/19/21 LAS Statement on NYS Senate Committee Passing Bill to Abolish NYC’s Rogue DNA Database
04/17/21 LAS Response to Reports of OCA Suspension of Family Court Clerk who Used Racial Slurs
04/16/21 Defenders Respond to Reports that NYC Court Clerk Used Racial Slurs to Refer to 15-Year-Old
04/16/21 LAS To Albany: Renew Eviction Freeze Ahead of Expiration, Prevent Widespread Homelessness
04/15/21 Advocates to City Hall: Incarcerated New Yorkers Need Greater Voting Access Immediately
04/15/21 Joint Statement on DA Announcement to Vacate Convictions in Cases of Corrupt Detective
04/14/21 LAS Statement on Dismissal of Landlord Lawsuit Attempting to End NY Eviction Moratorium
04/14/21 Legal Aid, PA Williams and Advocates to Call for Greater Access to Voting in Local Jails
04/14/21 LAS and Debevoise File Lawsuit Against City, NYPD For Illegal Arrest of New Yorkers
04/14/21 LAS and BronxConnect Urge Lawmakers to Enact #Right2RemainSilent Legislation
04/13/21 LAS Flags May 31 Deadline for Immigrant Youth Denied Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
04/12/21 Advisory: Workers, Supporters and Legislators Call for the SWEAT Bill so Workers are Paid
04/08/21 LAS Secures Dismissal for Client Who Was Arrested, Placed in a Knee-on-Neck Hold by NYPD
04/07/21 LAS Statement on $2.1 Billion Fund for Excluded Workers in NT State’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
04/07/21 LAS Statement on DA Vacating Convictions for Clients Whose Cases Involved Corrupt Cop
04/06/21 FOIL Documents Reveal Extent of NYPD’s Use of Clearview AI Facial Recognition Technology
04/06/21 LAS Statement on Rent Relief Package in New York State’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
04/06/21 LAS Secures Settlement Ensuring Homeless Students Have Access to Working WiFi at Shelters
04/06/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Transition to Video Hearings for all Parole Matters or Face Litigation
04/05/21 Defenders Call on Albany to Enact the Less Is More Act Immediately
04/02/21 LAS and 35+ Organizations Call for Greater Access to Voter Registration in NYC Jails
04/01/21 LAS Statement on the Governor Signing the HALT Solitary Confinement Bill Into Law
04/01/21 60+ Organizations Call on DHS Secretary to End ICE’s Discriminatory Gang Prioritization
04/01/21 LAS Statement From Counsel for Brandon Elliot

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