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Current Press Releases and Statements:

January 2022

01/25/22 LAS Secures Release Pending Appeal for Client Reginald Randolph
01/24/22 NYC Defender Joint Statement in Response to Mayor Adams’ Remarks on Gun Violence
01/24/22 LAS Calls on Governor to Allocate Additional Tax Relief, Funding to Communities of Color
01/21/22  LAS Calls on Governor to Allocate Additional Funding to the Homeowner Protection Program
01/21/22  LAS Announces Alan Levine as Incoming Board President
01/20/22 LAS Statement on DA Clark Dismissing 133 Cases Involving Corrupt Former NYPD Detective
01/19/22 LAS Statement on Governor Hochul’s Costly and Ineffective “Reform” Budget Proposal to 421-A
01/19/22 LAS Calls on Hochul to Allocate $2 Billion to Fund Critical Homeless Protection Measures
01/17/22 LAS Statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/15/22 LAS Calls for Long-Term Solutions to Housing Crisis as Eviction Moratorium Expires
01/13/22 LAS Statement on Mayor Adams’ Housing Announcement
01/12/22  With New York’s Rental Relief Portal Now Reopen, LAS Urges Tenants to Apply
01/12/22  LAS Calls for Compassion from DA on Tragic Mental Health, Substance Abuse-Related Case
01/06/22 LAS Lauds Decision Ordering Reopening of New York’s Emergency Rent Relief Program
01/06/22 LAS Releases 2022 Statewide Child Welfare and Juvenile Legal System Legislative Agenda
01/05/22 LAS Statement on Governor Hochul’s State of the State Address
01/05/22 LAS Congratulates Adrienne E. Adams on her Historic Election as NYC Council Speaker
01/05/22 NYC Defenders Demand that City Stop Recording Calls Made by Incarcerated New Yorkers
01/04/21 LAS Statement on New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Day-One Policy Memo
01/04/22 LAS Releases 2022 Statewide Civil Legal Services Legislative Agenda
01/04/22 LAS Calls for Decarceration as the COVID-19 Infection Rate Skyrockets in New York City Jails
01/03/22 LAS Lauds Governor Hochul for Signing Into Law the Fair Consumer Judgment Interest Act

December 2021

12/30/21 LAS Statement on Incoming NYC Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner
12/30/21 LAS Statement on Gov. Hochul Signing Bill Ends Arrests and Prosecutions of Children Under 12
12/27/21 Community Leaders Urge Gov. Hochul to Grant Clemency to LAS Client Reginald Randolph
12/24/21 LAS Calls for Immediate Action to Protect New Yorkers at Risk of Losing Heat or Electricity
12/22/21 LAS Calls on Governor Hochul to Sign the Fair Consumer Judgment Interest Act
12/22/21 DOC Commissioner: COVID-19 Infection Rate Skyrocketing in Local Jails
12/21/21 LAS and Kasowitz Secure $600,000 Settlement for Six Personal Care Aides
12/21/21 LAS Calls on Governor Hochul to Sign the Preserving Family Bonds Act ASAP
12/20/21 NYC Defenders Release 2022 Statewide Criminal Legal System Reform Priorities
12/20/21 LAS Calls on Mayor to Sign Legislation on Psychiatric Medication for Children in Foster Care
12/20/21 LAS, ACNY Commend NYC DOE for Announcing New Team to Serve Children in Foster Care
12/16/21 LAS Hosts 38th Annual Community Holiday Gift Giving and Celebration
12/16/21 LAS Statement on Adams Administration’s Plan to Expand Solitary Confinement in City Jails
12/16/21 LAS Calls on Governor to Act on Dozens of Pending Clemency, Pardon Applications
12/16/21 LAS Announces 2021 Pro Bono Publico Award Honorees
12/15/21 LAS Statement on New York City Council Adopting Good Cause Resolution
12/15/21 LAS Statement on Appointment of Daniel Tietz as Commissioner of OTDA
12/15/21 LAS Statement on Passing of Client William Brown, 16th New Yorker to Die this Year in City Jails
12/15/21 Children, Family Advocates Urge Governor Hochul to Sign the Preserving Family Bonds Act
12/14/21 LAS Statement on Appointment of Keechant Sewell as NYPD Commissioner
12/14/21 LAS Files Lawsuit to Reopen New York’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program
12/10/21 NYC Defenders’ Statement on the Death of Malcolm Boatwright in DOC Custody
12/10/21 LAS Commends Governor for Signing Bill Raising the NYS FHEPS Housing Voucher Amount
12/09/21 LAS Calls on City Council to Pass Good Cause Resolution to Protect Tenants in New York City
12/07/21 Advocates Call on City Council to Pass Legislation for Families and Children in Foster Care
12/06/21 LAS Statement on Latest Nunez Independent Federal Monitor Report on Abuse in City Jails
12/06/21 LAS, BDS and Milbank Secure Ruling to Ensure Incarcerated Clients’ Access to Medical Care
12/05/21 LAS, Electeds Call on Hochul to Grant Clemency for Reginald Randolph
12/03/21 LAS Calls on Albany to Enact Key Measures to Serve NYS Tenants

November 2021

11/23/21 Advocates Applaud Passage of City Council Legislation to Expand Rental Assistance Programs
11/22/21 Court Issues Order to Address NYC Correction Failure to Impose Discipline in Use of Force Cases
11/22/21 LAS Files Lawsuit Against DOC Seeking Records on Lack of Staff Escorts
11/18/21 City Jail Federal Monitor Report Shows Work Stoppage in City Jails Continues
11/17/21 LAS Statement from Counsel for Christopher Ransom
11/16/21 LAS Condemns DA Clark’s Call to Rollback New York’s Historic Raise The Age Law
11/16/21 Housing Justice For All Coalition Launches 2022 NYS Legislative Campaign with Day of Action
11/16/21 LAS Statement on Governor Hochul Signing the START Act into Law
11/15/21 Advisory: Housing Justice For All Coalition To Launch #HouseNY 2022 NYS Legislative Campaign
11/11/21 LAS Condemns Hochul Administration for Prematurely Closing New York’s Rent Relief Portal
11/10/21 National Advocacy Groups: End Plans to Transfer Women, Trans New Yorkers to Upstate Prisons
11/10/21 LAS Files Suit To End Practices that Deny Children Foster Placement with Relatives
11/08/21 LAS Statement on DA Katz Vacating Convictions in Cases Involving Corrupt NYPD Officers
11/08/21 Housing Justice for All Echoes Attorney General James’ Call to Enact Good Cause Legislation
11/05/21 LAS Secures Dismissal for Jason Serrano, Client Targeted by NYPD Marijuana Planting Scheme
11/04/21 Wells Fargo Provides Funding to Promote Outreach, Access to Emergency Rental Assistance
11/03/21 LAS Statement on Election of Eric Adams as New York City Mayor
11/02/21 LAS: Mayor Abandons Reform, Imposes Draconian Solitary Confinement and Lockdown Regime
11/02/21 LAS Statement on Governor Signing Legislation on Retroactive Youthful Offender Status
11/01/21 LAS Secures Vacatur for Client Targeted by NYPD Marijuana Planting Scheme

October 2021

10/31/21 LAS Asks Court to Hold City in Contempt for Violating Court Order in City Jails Conditions Case
10/28/21 LAS Moves to Intervene Against Landlords’ Lawsuit Attacking State’s Eviction Moratorium
10/22/21 Advisory: Advocates Rally to Demand Stop to Transfer of Women, Trans People to State Prisons
10/22/21 LAS Calls to Reform the Bar Admission Process to Reduce Racial Injustice in Legal Profession
10/21/21  Lawyers Welcome Ruling in Suit Challenging NY’s Prison-to-Shelter Pipeline
10/21/21  NYC Defenders Decry Commencement of Upstate Transfers of Women, Transgender People
10/20/21 70+ Organizations Call on Albany to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation to Prevent Evictions
10/20/21 LAS Statement on Passing of Anthony Scott, Who Attempted Suicide While in City Custody
10/20/21 NYC TGNCNBI Task Force Demands Stop to Transfers of Women, TGNCNBI New Yorkers
10/18/21 70+ Women, Transgender New Yorkers at Rikers Release Petition Protesting Upstate Transfers
10/15/21 NYC Defenders Statement on Planned Transfer of Women, Transgender People on Rikers
10/14/21 LAS Statement on Nunez Monitor Status Report Concerning Rikers Island Crisis
10/14/21 LAS: Don’t Believe NYPD Commissioner’s Fearmongering on Bail, Discovery Reform
10/14/21 Advisory: Senator Schumer, Electeds, Tenants to Rally Against Predatory Landlord Tactics
10/13/21 LAS Statement on Transfers of Incarcerated Women from New York City Jails to State Prisons
10/07/21 LAS Praises Governor for Signing Legislation to Provide Medication to Incarcerated People
10/07/21 Defender Statement on Mayor’s Comments Concerning New York’s Court System
10/06/21 NYIFUP Statement on Begen County’s Exit From ICE Detention Contract
10/06/21 Legislators, Impacted People Demand DAs End Cash Bail Practices to Curb Rikers Crisis
10/05/21 Advisory: Elected Officials, Impacted People Demand That DAs End Cash Bail Practices
10/04/21 LAS, BDS, and Milbank File Lawsuit to Secure Incarcerated Clients’ Access to Medical Care
10/01/21 LAS Appoints Zachary Carter to Chair of the Board of Directors

September 2021

09/30/21 LAS Calls on Governor Hochul to Sign Two Critical Bills to Advance Juvenile Justice in NYS
09/30/21 LAS Echoes Legislature’s Call For Hochul Administration to Lift Parole Warrants
09/29/21 Court Issues Emergency Order to Address the Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in City Jails
09/27/21 After Mayor Finally Tours Rikers Island, LAS Calls on de Blasio to Decarcerate City Jails
09/21/21 LAS Calls on Federal Court to Address Humanitarian Crisis at Rikers Island and other City Jails
09/20/21 LAS Decries Death of Isaabdul Karim, 11th to Pass Away this Year While Incarcerated at Rikers
09/17/21 LAS Statement on Gov. Kathy Hochul Signing the Less Is More Act
09/16/21 LAS Files Two Suits Demanding Transparency Over Dangerous Conditions at Local Jails
09/14/21 LAS Statement on Mayor de Blasio’s Emergency Rikers Relief Plan
09/14/21 S.T.O.P., LAS Reveal Secret NYPD Surveillance Contracts Now Exceed $277 Million
09/14/21 NYIFUP Statement on Hudson County’s Imminent Exit From ICE Detention Contract 
09/13/21 Elected Officials Detail Illegal, Deadly Conditions Inside Rikers Island Following Visit
09/10/21 Advisory: Amid Jail Crisis, Elected Officials to Visit Rikers Island, Demand Decarceration
09/09/21 LAS Statement on Commissioner Schiraldi’s Comments on Rikers Island
09/07/21 LAS Statement on the Death of Client Esias Johnson on Rikers Island
09/01/21 LAS Applauds NYS Legislature for Passage of New Eviction Moratorium
09/01/21 LAS Statement in Support of Senator Schumer’s Recommendations for Federal Judgeships

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