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05/20/24 LAS Files Brief in Support of Right to Record in Public Spaces of Police Precincts
05/14/24 LAS Statement on Adams’s Claim that the NYPD’s Policy Does Not Violate POST Act
05/13/24 LAS Celebrates its 47th Annual Servant of Justice Award
05/13/24 LAS Petitions to Intervene Against Lawsuit Attacking NYC Housing Courts 
05/13/24 LAS: NYPD’s Draft Policy on Invasive Technology in Subway Violates the POST Act
05/10/24 LAS Submits Testimony on  Practice Depriving Foster Children Financial Benefits
05/09/24 LAS Statement on Legislation that Would Unfairly Prejudice New Yorkers
05/09/24 LAS Statement in Response to Supreme Court Ruling in Case on Speedy Hearings
05/09/24 LAS, NYCLU Secure $500K+ for Clients Brutalized While Protesting Police Violence
05/08/24 LAS Statement on Probe Into the NYPD’s Unethical Use of Social Media Accounts
05/08/24 LAS Sues Over New Yorkers with Disabilities in Solitary Confinement
05/06/24 LAS Calls of Investigation Related to NYPD’s Violent Crackdown of Recent Protests
05/06/24 LAS, ALAA Call on NYS Assembly to Pass Legislation to Increase Loan Assistance
05/02/24 LAS Condemns NYPD for Unlawfully Detaining and Processing Demonstrators


04/30/24 LAS Condemns RGB’s Preliminary Vote to Increase Rents on Low-Income New Yorkers
04/29/24 LAS Calls for Rent Freeze to Protect Low-Income Tenants
04/23/24 ACS Kept Almost $19 Million in Survivors Benefits Meant for Children in Foster Care
04/19/24 LAS Replies to City’s Response in Litigation on CityFHEPS Reform, Expansion
04/18/24 LAS Statement on NYC Rent Guidelines Board’s Price Index, Mortgage Survey Report
04/18/24 LAS Files Lawsuit Seeking the Appointment of Private Administrator to Run Building
04/17/24 Renewed NYS Budget ‘Sweep’ of IOLA Funds Would be Disastrous
04/16/24 Advocates Demand Passage of Legislation to End the Lifetime Ban on Jury Service
04/16/24 LAS Files Lawsuit Against Landlord of Buildings with Over 600 Open Violations
04/15/24 Advisory: Advocates Call on Albany to Pass Legislation to End Ban on Jury Service
04/13/24 LAS Statement in Response to Housing Negotiations in NYS FY25 Budget
04/12/24 Advocates Laud Decision to Restore Fudnign to NYC Comision on Human Rights
04/11/24 LAS Statement on the NYC Rent Guidelines Board’s 2024 Income and Affordability Study
04/09/24 LAS Submits Comments on Policy that Fails to Protect Benefits for Children in Foster Care
04/08/24 LAS Condemns Proposed Policy Denying Foster Children Social Security Disability Benefits
04/04/24 Maimonides Tenants, Electeds, Advocates Call to Stop Mass Evictions
04/04/24 Advisory: Maimonides Tenants, Electeds to Hold Press Conference to Stop Mass Evictions
04/04/23 DOC and DOE Failing to Provide Mandated High School Education for Incarcerated Youth
04/03/24 LAS Condemns NYS for Denying Visits, Locking In Incarcerated People For Eclipse
04/02/24 Advocates Call for Hearing on Incarcerated New Yorkers’ Access to the Ballot
04/02/24 Advisory: Advocates Call for Hearing on Incarcerated New Yorkers’ Access to the Ballot


03/29/24 LAS, ALAA Call on Albany to Increase Student Loan Assistance
03/28/24 LAS Statement in Response to the City’s New Subway Gun Detection System Pilot
03/28/24 LAS Statement on the NYC Rent Guidelines Board’s 2024 Income and Expense Study
03/27/24 LAS Statement on City’s Reply in Litigation on CityFHEPS Reform and Expansion Laws
03/26/24 Defenders’ Joint Statement on Lawsuits Alleging Sexual Abuse on Rikers Island
03/25/24 LAS, ALAA Call on Albany to Ensure the Budget to Increase Student Loan Assistance
03/23/24 Video: Bronx Tenants Report Rainfall Pouring into the Lobby
03/22/24 LAS Calls on Adams to Keep Communities Safe by Restoring Funding
03/21/24 Legal Services Organizations Call on Lawmakers to Reject Sweep of $234 Million in Funding
03/21/24 LAS Files Motion to Reargue in Maimonides Hospital Mass Eviction Case
03/19/24 LAS Releases List of NYPD Members Most-Named in Lawsuits, with Highest Payouts
03/15/24 LAS Announce Settlement in Callahan v. Carey, Preserving NYC’s Right to Shelter
03/15/24 Advocates Call to Restore Funding to the NYC Commission on Human Rights
03/15/24 LAS Secures Landmark Settlement on Access to Critical Rental Vouchers
03/15/24 Advisory: LAS to Appear in Court on Right to Shelter Case
03/14/24 LAS, ALAA Laud Legislature for Prioritizing Legislation to Increase Student Loan Assistance
03/14/24 East Harlem Tenants Announce Lawsuit Against One of NYC’s Worst Landlords
03/14/24 Advisory: Advocates Gather to Save The NYC Commission on Human Rights 
03/14/24 Advocates Condemn Deployment of National Guard, State Police into NYC Subway System 
03/14/24 LAS Announces Spring Mobile Justice Bus Tour to Meet New Yorkers in Their Communities
03/14/24 Advisory: Press Conference Opposing Governor’s Safety Plan for Subway System
03/14/24 Advisory: East Harlem TenantsAlleging Landlord Stole Security Deposits
03/13/24 LAS Statement on Senate and Assembly One-House Budget Proposals
03/12/24 Transparency Advocates Urge Legislature and Governor to Strengthen FOIL
03/12/24 LAS Secures Federal Appeals Court Ruling in Final Two Rent Stabilization Law Cases
03/12/24 35 DAs, Public Defenders, More Support Legislation to Increase Student Loan Aid
03/11/24 LAS, ALAA Laud NY State Senate’s Passage of DALF Legislation
03/11/24 Attorneys for Children Providers Release White Paper on Family Court in Crisis
03/08/24 Civil Rights Organizations Respond to Community Engagement Plan
03/06/24 Worker Advocacy Organizations Outline One-House Budget Priorities
03/05/24 LAS Lawsuit Against Owners of Tax-Delinquent Bronx Building
03/05/24 Advisory: Announcement About Bronx Building with Decades-Long History of Neglect
03/04/24 LAS Statement on Adams Reducing Cash Assistance, SNAP Backlogs
03/01/24 LAS Call on NYPD to Adhere to Agreed-Upon Terms of  Protest Settlement
03/01/24 Latest Report from Rikers Monitor Reflects NYC DOC’s Continued Non-Compliance


02/29/24 Payouts on Alleged NYPD Misconduct for 2023 Reach Almost $115 Million
02/27/24 NYC Public Defenders Respond to Mayor’s Call to Modify NYC’s Detainer Law
02/26/24 600+ Attorneys Call on Albany to Enact Legislation to Increase Student Loan Aid
02/21/24 LAS Statement on NYC Council’s Motion to Intervene on City FHEPS Litigation
02/20/24 LAS Statement on SCOTUS Decision Leaving NY Rent Stabilization Laws Intact
02/16/24 Civil Legal Service Community Applauds Governor’s Funding Support
02/14/24 LAS Sues to Force Adams to Fully Implement CityFHEPS Reform, Expansion
02/13/24 #Right2RemainSilent Coalition Holds Advocacy Day in Albany
02/13/24 NYC Jails Coalition Holds Rally in Support of Incarcerated Individuals’ Access to Polls
02/13/24 LAS Files Source of Income Discrimination Lawsuit Against NYC Landlords
02/13/24 NYIFUP Condemns Attacks on NYC’s Sanctuary and Detainer Laws
02/13/24 Advisory: #Right2RemainSilent Coalition to Hold Advocacy Day Today in Albany
02/12/24 Advisory: Rally in Support of Incarcerated New Yorkers’ Access to the Polls
02/07/24 Court Approves Overhaul of NYPD Protest Practices
02/05/24 Wage Gap is Driving an Employment Crisis in New York’s Civil Legal Services
02/05/24 LAS Files Lawsuit Against City and Landlords of Collapsed Bronx Building
02/05/24 Advisory: Tenants of Collapsed Bronx Building To Make Announcement
02/01/24 LAS Statement on NYPD Subway Robot No Longer Patroling Subway Station


01/30/24 LAS Lauds NYC Council for Overriding Mayor Adams’ Veto of the How Many Stops Act
01/25/24 Lawsuit Against NYSDOL On Behalf of 24-Hour Home Care Workers Moves Forward
01/24/24 LAS Files Amicus Brief in Support of Plaintiff Subjected to Deceptions by Police
01/19/24 Community Denounces Mayor for Vetoing Int 549A to End Solitary Confinement
01/19/24 LAS Condemns Mayor Adams for Vetoing the How Many Stops Act
01/18/24 Advisory: Exoneration of LAS Client Steven Ruffin
01/16/24 LAS Statement on State, City Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Unveilings
01/11/24 Data: City Marshals Executed 11,973 Evictions in 2023
01/09/24 LAS Responds to Governor Hochul’s 2024 State of the State Address
01/09/24 LAS Statement on the City Evacuating Families with Children from Floyd Bennett Field
01/09/24 LAS Statement on NYC DOI Report on PATH Intake Issues
01/09/24 LAS Announces Intention to File Litigation to Implement CityFHEPS Reform
01/08/24 NYC Public Defenders Release 2024 Statewide Legislative Priorities
01/04/24 LAS Releases 2024 Statewide Juvenile, Family Regulation Legislative Priorities
01/02/24 LAS Releases 2024 Statewide Civil Legal Services Legislative Priorities

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