Legal Aid Society

Dawne Mitchell

Chief Attorney

From law intern to Chief Attorney, Dawne’s (she/her) career at the Legal Aid Society spans more than 20 years and it speaks volumes for her commitment to justice for New Yorkers and particularly for its most vulnerable community – New York City’s children.

As an integral leader at Legal Aid, Dawne’s comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the Juvenile Rights Practice, transformational management style, strategic business acumen, litigation expertise, creativity, and perseverance, she oversees the operations and delivery of services for more than 34,000 clients each year.

With a team of more than 350 staff attorneys, social workers, paralegal, investigators, support staff and volunteers on the front lines— Dawne ensures comprehensive direct legal representation to children and youth in child welfare and juvenile justice matters. Dawne’s dedicated focus on empowering children and families has led to fundamental advancements in the practice —her leadership has sought to challenge and impact the racial disparities and systemic issues that have led to the poor outcomes for children, disruption of families, limited educational advancement of youth in care, and a burdened system of care for children and families for generations.

Dawne was appointed to serve on the NYS Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children, the First Department Advisory Committee, and is a member of several New York City Bar Association committees and workgroups. Dawne’s collaborative work with leaders across the City and State continues to build on stronger and more conscientious child-centered policy and best practices.