Legal Aid Society

Our Training Programs

The Legal Society offers a unique, rigorous, and comprehensive training program that is widely regarded as among the best in the country. Our clients deserve no less. With dedicated training units in the Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile Rights Practices, our training activities engage the hundreds of attorneys and non-attorney professionals across our five boroughs and multiple areas of specialization. Our faculty of trainers and in-house experts regularly lecture throughout the state, the country, and internationally. Our staff are assigned to initial training according to their practice areas and learn substantive law and trial skills through a dynamic curriculum of lectures, demonstrations, drills, and simulations.  Their expertise continues to develop thanks to a rich and varied continuing education program. The training units stay ahead of legal developments to ensure that our staff can deliver the highest-quality representation to every client, in every case. The Legal Aid Society is an accredited MCLE and CEU provider in New York.

Training in the Civil Practice
Training in the Criminal Defense Practice
Training in the Juvenile Rights Practice