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Incarcerated TGNCNBI New Yorkers Deserve Safety & Respect

The Legal Aid Society is calling on lawmakers to pass the Gender Identity Respect, Dignity, and Safety (GIRDS) Act.
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The 2024 Associates’ Campaign

Led by Associates at New York City’s top law firms, the campaign brings together attorneys to engage in friendly competition and raise vital funds to support Legal Aid’s under resourced units.
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Your Rights, Your Power

Rights are like a muscle. The more you flex them, the stronger they get. For you, and your community.
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Abolishing Slavery in New York

The Legal Aid Society is fighting to end slavery as punishment for a crime in New York State, 158 years after the ratification of the 13th Amendment.
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End Mass Incarceration & Perpetual Punishment

Mass incarceration has a devastating impact on families and communities and the negative effects continue after time is served.
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The 2023 Associates’ Campaign

Thank you to everyone who donated to the 2023 Associates’ Campaign.
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Protecting Families & Children

The Legal Aid Society is asking lawmakers to pass three essential bills to reform the family regulation system to better protect families and children from harm.
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Justice for New York’s Youth

The Legal Aid Society is asking lawmakers to make New York more just for young people by prioritizing critical legislation.
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Justice Is Essential

New York continues to move forward with resolve. We thrive thanks to our support of one another and our community of donors.
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Less is More Parole Reform

The Less is More Act includes some of the most sweeping parole reforms in the nation.
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