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We provide urgent legal services to reunify families and assist low-income immigrants in obtaining lawful status, applying for citizenship, and defending against deportation.

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Every day, in courthouses and communities across the city, we advocate for the rights of all New Yorkers. Learn more about the services we provide.

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Our specialized teams have experience working on nearly every area of law that impacts New Yorkers. Explore the ways we fight on behalf of clients and communities.

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Standing Up for Vulnerable Communities in the Immigration Law Unit

For over a century, The Legal Aid Society has been standing up for the rights of New York City’s immigrants. But, four years ago, our Immigration Law Unit started facing a slew of new challenges: family separation, unconstitutional travel bans and detentions, and increased enforcement by ICE agents at courthouses. Hasan Shafiqullah, Attorney-in-Charge of ILU, has helped guide our work through these new issues.

Hasan Shafiqullah  Immigrant Law Unit 

Making A Difference

Representing Children Separated at the Border

We met four siblings in government custody in New York who’d been separated from their mother. Ranging in age from 7 to 17, the siblings were separated from each other in different foster homes, unable to easily talk to their mother. We fought to get the family reunited in NYC.

By the Numbers

Our work reunifies families and assists low-income immigrants in obtaining lawful status, applying for citizenship, and defending against deportation so everyone has an equal chance to thrive in New York City.


New York City has 3.3 million foreign-born immigrants, from more than 150 countries, who comprise nearly 40% of the City population.


Abused, abandoned, and neglected immigrant youth were granted SIJS status and set on the path toward citizenship as a result of our legal advocacy.


Represented immigrants who were never detained were nearly 5x more likely than unrepresented counterparts to obtain relief.

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Every donation helps us offer essential legal services to thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers, helping people buy food, pay rent, and care for themselves and their families.

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