Legal Aid Society


8th Annual Questioning Forensics Conference

On March 23-24, 2023, advocates and defenders from across the country attended our 8th Annual Questioning Forensics conference, titled A juror, an expert and an algorithm walk into a courtroom: miscommunication in forensics. This year’s conference, held at CUNY Law School, focused on the role of human factors in forensics. Attendees traveled near and far to hear insightful presentations.

Participants attend this year’s events at CUNY Law School.

The DNA Unit pictured with Melissa Taylor (center) who delivered this year’s keynote address.  

The DNA Unit pictured with Magnus Mukoro’s family (center) during the presentation of the 8th Annual Mukoro Award for Integrity in Forensic Sciences to Julie Fry. Magnus was a beloved paralegal at the Legal Aid Society for over 20 years when he passed away in 2015. He was instrumental in the creation of the DNA unit and helped obtained critical validation studies from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in the People v. Collins/Peaks admissibility challenge. Congratulations, Julie Fry for your role in keeping the use of forensic science honest.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Reminder: May 5th @ 11 AM EDT for PART II for Dr. Kalafut’s talk.