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Asians for Black Lives: Exploring and Practicing Solidarity

On June 19th, the Attorneys of Color at Legal Aid Caucus of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys-UAW 2325 (ACLA) presented a panel discussion to explore the depth of Asian American experiences, political identity, and struggles. Panelists also focused on what building cross-racial solidarity looks like, specifically Black-Asian relations, and the development of relationships of mutuality and accountability. The discussion unpacked how racial conflict and divide and conquer politics unfolds between communities of color, and shared concrete steps and strategies we can individually and collectively take as we build solidarity in the movement for Black liberation and begin to radically reimagine what is possible.

For those who couldn’t attend the APAHM webinar, you can view the recording here.

Opening remarks by Zamir Ben-Dan, Co-Representative of the Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Caucus of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (BALA), Staff Attorney in Brooklyn Criminal Defense Practice

Panelists for the event included:

Zamir Ben-Dan, BALA Co-Representative, Staff Attorney in Brooklyn Criminal Defense Practice
Mitchell Esteller, ACLA co-representative, Staff Attorney in Decarceration Project
Naila Siddiqui, Staff Attorney in Manhattan Criminal Defense Practice
Jennvine Wong, Staff Attorney in the Cop Accountability Project
Jason Wu, ALAA Trustee, Staff Attorney in Housing Justice Unit-Group Advocacy

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