Legal Aid Society


Client Who Patted Rudy Giuliani Will Have Case Dismissed

The Legal Aid Society announced today that it had secured an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) for Daniel Gill, a client who patted Rudy Giuliani on the back at a local Staten Island supermarket this past June.

An ACD is not a guilty plea or admission of any guilt or wrongdoing by Mr. Gill, and this case will ultimately be completely dismissed and sealed after six months.

“As we have maintained since this case began, Daniel Gill, who had no prior contact with the criminal legal system, did not commit any criminal act and this outcome, which will ultimately result in the dismissal of the case in its entirety, reflects that reality,” said Susan Platis, an attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Staten Island Trial Office. “Mr. Gill looks forward to putting this incident, which completely upended his life, behind him.”