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Darrel Stone Faces Eviction Despite Being a Model Tenant for 15 Years

Darrel Stone, a client of The Legal Aid Society who has lived in his Crown Heights home for 15 years, is facing an unjust eviction, as reported by Patch.

Mr. Stone has been a model tenant, always paying his rent on time and always being respectful of his neighbors and the building. Despite this, his landlord is attempting to evict him, which is legally permissible because he lives in an unregulated building.

Legal Aid is calling on Albany lawmakers to enact “Good Cause” legislation to protect people like Mr. Stone. “Good Cause” would require landlords to demonstrate a justification or “good cause” for evicting tenants in unregulated units, and would protect tenants from exorbitant rent hikes.

The budget-neutral legislation would prevent landlords from denying lease renewals to tenants who have consistently abided by the terms of their leases, allowing tenants to advocate for repairs without the fear of retaliation.

“Mr. Stone’s case is tragic, but it isn’t unique. We hear similar horror stories daily from tenants in unregulated apartments who face eviction or exorbitant rent increases, deprived of any legal protections to help them remain in their homes,” said Patrick Langhenry, an attorney in the Brooklyn Housing Office at The Legal Aid Society.

“To combat this crisis head on, Albany must immediately codify ‘Good Cause’ eviction legislation,” he continued. “State lawmakers can no longer shirk their responsibility to advance this critical measure.”