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Deaf Client in NYCHA Residence Faces Discrimination, Eviction

LAS client, Adeola Chester, is deaf and facing ongoing discrimination and repair issues in her NYCHA Queensbridge South development. Ms. Chester, who has lived in her apartment for almost 10 years with her two children, has severe mold and other conditions that need immediate repair, yet NYCHA has refused to address them, despite repeated requests. When she asks to meet with persons in the management office, she has consistently been denied ASL interpreter services, resulting in her inability to complete lease renewals and re-certifications, according to NY1.

Ms. Chester says there is a large deaf community in her development and that the issues she has suffered, most notably NYCHA’s refusal to provide—or to work with—ASL interpreters, have been widespread problems for many of the deaf tenants in this development since new management took over.

“All that my client wants is to be treated like a normal tenant,” said Justin Cope, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society. She wants to be able to go to NYCHA and say can you explain to me why my bill is so high?” said Justin Cope, Staff Attorney in our Housing Law Unit.