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Listen: LAS Blasts Drug-Planting NYPD Officer

Marion Elizabeth Campbell, a staff attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Practice, slammed efforts by the Staten Island DA’s office to resist the exoneration of Jason Serrano – even after bodycam video evidence later surfaced showing NYPD Officer Kyle Erickson planting a small amount of weed in Serrano’s car.

Serrano was arrested at the scene, and eventually took a misdemeanor plea deal to avoid jail time.

Subsequent investigation revealed both the bodycam video, as well as a substantial pattern of misbehavior by Officer Erickson, including other incidents involving suspicious handling of evidence. Based on this information, Mr. Serrano is now asking the courts to vacate his conviction.

“It’s a sort of shockingly clear image of an officer framing a citizen, so I don’t know what could be a clearer miscarriage of justice,” said Campbell, who is representing Mr. Serrano.

Listen to Campbell’s full interview with WNYC News below.