LAS Advises Tenants on Next Steps Following Eviction Moratorium

Ellen Davidson, a staff attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Civil Law Reform Unit recently appeared on Spectrum News to let New Yorkers know what the State’s new eviction moratorium means for them, and what their next steps might be.

“I think the first, and most important thing that everyone should know is that New York has a rent relief program,” said Davidson. “That program will allow tenants who are low income and owe rent to apply for 12 months of back rent and 3 months of rent going forward.”

She acknowledged that the application process for the relief funds has been cumbersome for tenants, but urged them to still apply because of the additional protection it provides.

“If you apply for this program, your landlord can’t move forward with an eviction case against you,” she said. “So as difficult as it is people need to apply because it’s going to protect you from losing your home while your application is being considered.”

Davidson suggested tenants who are having trouble with their application should reach out to one of the many community-based organizations that are being paid by the City to help people apply for the program. A full list of those organizations can be found here.

She also noted that while the program’s helpline was initially overwhelmed, it is much easier to get through now and is staffed with individuals who can answer tenant questions. That number is 844-691-7368.

Watch the full segment here.