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LAS in the News 07.22.22

At The Legal Aid Society our Civil, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Rights, and Pro Bono practices work tirelessly in and out of the courtroom to defend our clients and dismantle the hidden, systemic barriers that can prevent them from thriving in New York City. We seek to be a beacon of hope for those who feel neglected —regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how they identify. Our experienced teams provide comprehensive services, support, and advocacy that protect rights, keep families and communities together, and in many cases, saves lives. We have an intrinsic connection to the daily lives of New Yorkers. Here are a few of the places we made a difference, provided context or added valuable perspective this week:

City fails homeless families in need of shelter, Mayor blames asylum seekers

NBC 4 NY: NYC Again Says Shelters Under Pressure, Admits Some Families Not Placed in Time
City & State: NYC officials say they left migrant families stranded without shelter
NYDN: Mayor Adams admits NYC violated law to shelter asylum seekers amid migrant surge
NY Post: Eric Adams calls Govs. Abbott and Ducey ‘cowards’ for sending migrants to DC
Politico: Adams admits city violated homeless shelter law amid recent influx
NY1: Adams asks for federal help as thousands of asylum seekers enter shelter system
Politics NY: Adams defends his admin’s handling of a ‘surge’ in asylum seekers
City Limits: ¿De dónde vienen las familias que están llegando a los albergues de Nueva York?
Daily Mail: NYC Mayor Eric Adams shares plan to house 3,000 illegal immigrants in HOTELS
ABC7: NYC estimates 2,800 asylum seekers arrived by bus from Texas and Arizona
City & State: Advocates cast doubt on Adams’ claims that ‘asylum seekers’ have entered shelters
NBC New York: Asylum Seekers Flooding NYC Shelters, Mayor Says, Calling on Feds for Help
NYDN: NYC Mayor Adams calls out Texas and Arizona for sending asylum seekers to city
Politico: Adams claims Texas, Arizona bussing asylum seekers to New York
ABC7: NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for federal help to deal with influx of asylum seekers
Politico: Adams says asylum seekers are driving homeless shelter surge
SI Advance: Mayor wants federal help addressing asylum seekers’ effect on NYC shelter system
NBC New York: Legal Aid Claims Mayor Adams Exaggerated NYC Migrant Crisis
City Limits: Who Are The Families Entering NYC Shelters From the Southern Border?

LAS mourns Michael Lopez, 11th New Yorker to pass in DOC custody this year

NYDN: Another Rikers Island inmate dies — 11th to die in NYC jails this year
NYP: Rikers Island detainee dies of suspected overdose, death toll hits 11
NY1: NYC sees 11th Rikers-related death of the year
Gothamist: Rikers Island inmate dies, second this week
ABC7: Segment on Recent Deaths at Rikers Island (Part 1)
ABC7: Segment on Recent Deaths at Rikers Island (Part 2)

More LAS in the news

NYDN: Complaints heat up at city jails as temperatures soar
City & State: Critics say New York’s new gun control law will fuel mass incarceration
Politico: Adams rakes in real estate donations
City Limits: NYC Turns to Notorious Landlords with Ties to Mayor’s Chief of Staff
Forbes: The FBI Forced A Suspect To Unlock Amazon’s Encrypted App Wickr With Their Face
NYS Focus: New York Judges Are Watering Down Protections Against Evictions
NYLJ: New York’s Pending Court Caseload Has Increased 15% From Pre-Pandemic Numbers
Law360: A Bruen Defense For Gun Charges? Attys Say Not So Fast
NYN Media: Critics say New York’s new gun control law will fuel mass incarceration