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LAS in the News 11.29.19

At The Legal Aid Society our Civil, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Rights, and Pro Bono practices work tirelessly in and out of the courtroom to defend our clients and dismantle the hidden, systemic barriers that can prevent them from thriving in New York City. We seek to be a beacon of hope for those who feel neglected —regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how they identify. Our experienced teams provide comprehensive services, support, and advocacy that protect rights, keep families and communities together, and in many cases, saves lives. We have an intrinsic connection to the daily lives of New Yorkers. Here are a few of the places we made a difference, provided context or added valuable perspective this week:

Queens DA releases list of NYPD officers with adverse credibility

Gothamist: Queens DA Releases Secret List Of 65 Officers With Questionable Credibility
Queens Daily Eagle: Queens DA releases list of cops with credibility issues
NY Daily News: Queens D.A. released list of 65 officers with credibility problems
NY Post: Queens DA releases ‘bad cop’ list after denying its existence

Digital forensics in the spotlight 

Crime Report: How Public Defenders Face a Technology Gap
The Appeal: The Myth of Technology as Equalizers
NYN: How The Legal Aid Society bridges the technology gap

More LAS in the news

NYDN: Readers sound off on the DNA databank, the popular vote and City Hall’s gender pay gap
The Appeal: For the First Time, A Vote for Marijuana Legalization in the House
Queens Daily Eagle: Two years on, state record sealing law has underwhelming impact in NYC
The Appeal: Hundreds of Victim and Witness DNA Profiles Removed From NYC Database
WSJ: New York Evictions Are Plunging Under New Rent Control Law
Queens Daily Eagle: Weed arrest disparities persist across Queens police precincts
The Max and Murphy Show: The Push to Roll Back New York’s Criminal Justice Reforms