Legal Aid Society


LAS Decries New York's Floundering Unemployement Insurance System

Many laid-off New Yorkers attempting to file for unemployment for days and weeks on end have been largely unable to do so, due to both the sheer volume of applicants, as well as an involved process for verifying applicants. Responding to complaints, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has revealed that Google is working with the state government to streamline the online application.

Much of the difficulty surrounds a review process meant to prevent overpayments to ineligible recipients. Advocates have called for a simplification of the process to accommodate the immediate needs of New Yorkers struggling to pay the bills, as reported by Gothamist.

“Once their monetary eligibility and basic criteria are established, if there are details that need to be investigated, money should be issued and any investigation should be happening at a later date,” said Richard Blum, a staff attorney for The Legal Aid Society’s Employment Law Unit.

“If we accept the idea that most of the people who are losing work either completely or partly are not going to find work any time soon, and in fact they should not be out looking for work any time soon as a matter of public health, then yes we should just assume people to be legitimately unemployed for the time being,” he continued.