Legal Aid Society


LAS Urges Immigrants to Fight Illegal Removals During Eviction Moratorium

New York City defender organizations are calling attention to landlords violating Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s eviction moratorium in order to illegally eject undocumented immigrants, who are typically fearful of complaining to law enforcement due to vulnerability over their immigration status, as reported by NY1 Noticias.

“There are many things the landlord must do before he can evict you, and during this process the tenant has the ability to pay, and if you pay everything you can continue to live in the room,” said Jeannine Cahill-Jackson, a staff attorney in The Legal Aid Society’s  Housing Law Unit.

If you are experiencing a similar situation, the Legal Aid Society recommends contacting them for representation by calling 212-577-3300 or directly with the city at 311.