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Watch: Margot Fights For Her Children, a Better Future

When Margot fled violence in Honduras to seek asylum in the United States, she had no idea that, seven years later, she would still be waiting to reunite with her three children.

In this mini-documentary, Margot is bravely sharing the story of her journey to asylum as a Legal Aid Society client.

“We have represented Margot for six years, helping her get asylum and supporting her transition to her life in the US. Our work continues as she seeks to bring her adult children to the U.S. Margot is a perfect example of why LAS exists – we are here to help low-income New Yorkers protect and access their rights in a fundamentally unjust world, regardless of how long it takes,” said Margaret Garrett, Margot’s attorney at Legal Aid. “Margot’s resilience – a quality shared by many of our clients – inspires everyone she meets to keep fighting for justice and a more humane world.”

Although “Margot” presents one woman’s personal journey, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the broader challenges faced by women and vulnerable individuals seeking asylum. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of providing a safe haven for those fleeing persecution and violence while emphasizing the invaluable role played by The Legal Aid Society in helping Margot navigate the legal complexities of her asylum case – ultimately securing both her citizenship and the opportunity to rebuild her life.

The Legal Aid Society continues to work with Margot in her ultimate goal of bringing her children to the United States.