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Mayor Partners with Delivery Companies, Continues to Criminalize Immigrant Delivery Workers

Mayor de Blasio launched a new partnership with major delivery companies like UPS, DHL and Amazon, which will allow them to utilize full throttle e-bikes in New York City. These are the same bikes that the Mayor has condemned for years, waging a fear-mongering campaign against them based on unfounded safety claims, according to the New York Daily News.

The city’s aggressive enforcement has targeted low-income delivery workers, who often get ticketed by the NYPD, or even have their bikes confiscated—rendering the worker unable to do their job which they rely on to make ends meet.

“While Mayor Bill de Blasio rolls out the red carpet for major delivery companies to use commercial cargo e-bikes, individual delivery workers — largely immigrants and people of color — continue to be over-policed and ticketed for simply doing their jobs,” said Steven Wasserman, Staff Attorney in our Special Litigation Unit.