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LAS Slams New NYPD Body Cam Policy

The Legal Aid Society condemned the New York City Police Department’s continued practice of editing and narrating body-worn camera footage despite policy changes to release un-redacted tape to ensure transparency and accountability, as reported by the Gotham Gazette.

LAS asserts that the new policy – which automatically publishes body camera footage within 30 days when police officers kill or seriously injure someone – can only be effective if the footage is released in complete, un-redacted form, and free of attempts to influence viewer perception through elements of editing and narration.

“We need to ask to what extent does the NYPD need to edit the videos, what they are editing for — and the way they are narrating it, whether or not it is a true and accurate representation of the events that happened,” said Jennvine Wong, a public defender with The Legal Aid Society and coordinator of its Cop Accountability Project.