Legal Aid Society


LAS Decries Rent Guidelines Board’s Preliminary Vote to Increase Rents

The Legal Aid Society is condemning the New York City Rent Guidelines Board’s preliminary vote to increase rents for residents of stabilized apartments 2-5 percent for 1-year leases and 4-7 percent for 2-year leases.

“Any increase in rents right now will have crushing consequences for tenants already battling a historic affordability crisis, post-pandemic inflation, and a looming recession expected to hit later this year,” said Adriene Holder, Chief Attorney of the Civil Practice at The Legal Aid Society.

“Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight’s vote, the Board still has the opportunity to do right by tenants come the final vote in June,” she continued. “Since 1989, there have been seven instances of the Board departing from the range established in its preliminary vote — this year should be the eighth, with the Board voting for an outright freeze on all rents for tenants in stabilized apartments.”

“The Board is not currently acting in accordance with its mandate to preserve affordability, fight against unconscionable rent hikes, and prevent the uprooting of long-standing communities,” Holder said. “Before the final vote, we implore the Board to reconsider its priorities and not allow increases that will negatively impact some of New York City’s most vulnerable tenants.”