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Op-Ed: NYPD Disciplinary Lacks Teeth, Transparency, and Accountability

Anne Oredeko, Supervising Attorney of our Racial Justice Unit, penned an opinion piece in City Limits on the rampant problem of impunity and lack of meaningful discipline at the New York City Police Department. Anne also urges Albany lawmakers to repeal Civil Rights Law 50a – which the NYPD alleges prohibits the disclosure of officer disciplinary information – and for district attorneys to start holding officers accountable who commit crimes and betray public trust.

“The NYPD will never police itself. Albany must pass strong reforms and a future administration must act. In the interim, DAs can help change the culture of impunity by truly holding police accountable,” she writes. “Otherwise, officers like Schwartz and Grieco will continue to operate unchecked and further the NYPD’s legacy of abuse and violence against black and Latinx communities.”

Read Anne’s full piece here.