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LAS Calls for NYPD Disciplinary System That Discourages Misconduct

The Legal Aid Society criticized the NYPD’s handling of disciplinary issues for 2019, which was recently made public in a Department-issued report. The 2019 summary – which does not identify officers by name – confirms that the majority of officers accused of lying and excessive force suffer departmental punishments such as probation and loss of vacation days, but ultimately keep their jobs, according to the New York Daily News.

The Legal Aid Society and police reform advocates across NYC continue to demand that the NYPD institute a disciplinary system capable of holding officers accountable, and condemned the light penalties that continue to be meted out to officers accused of serious claims of misconduct against the very people that they pledge to serve and protect.

“Until we have a system that actually holds officers accountable for misconduct, the culture of impunity among precincts around New York City will continue to thrive,” said Molly Griffard, a fellow with the Legal Aid Society’s Copy Accountability Project.