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LAS Criticizes Intentions of NYPD “Game Truck”

Olayemi Olurin, a staff attorney at The Legal Aid Society, was featured in a video by Yahoo! News concerning a new NYPD initiative – a “game truck” – purportedly aimed at building trust between law enforcement and over-policed communities.

Olurin likened the tactics of the NYPD to indoctrination and rebuked the Department for creating “another means for police to be more deeply embedded in the same communities that are going to be profiling, arresting, and incarcerating there.”

“We’ve told NYPD and we’ve told the police departments what they need to do to make relations better,” Olyurin said. “It’s not going to be a game truck. It’s abide by the law and respect people’s rights and their autonomy to walk freely in their own communities instead of piling yourselves into the communities and then policing other people’s behavior.

Watch the full piece here.