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LAS Decries Return of NYPD Officer with Long History of Misconduct to Full Duty

The Legal Aid Society’s reaction to the NYPD reinstating Darryl Schwartz – an officer with a history of misconduct that stretches back more than a decade – back to full duty at the 46th Precinct in the Bronx, was reported on by the New York Daily News. Earlier this week, an exposé revealed Schwartz’s “collars for dollars” scheme that has ensnared several of our clients and other New Yorkers on bogus DWI charges.

“Enough is enough — the NYPD must immediately remove Schwartz from any position where he could interact with civilians, and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office needs to immediately dismiss all pending cases where Schwartz is involved. Until this happens, we will continue to bring media attention to cases where Schwartz has acted inappropriately and violated our clients’ rights,” said Willoughby Jenett, Staff Attorney with our Bronx Trial Office.

The Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project (CAP) empowers organizations and communities across New York City to hold police officers accountable for human rights violations. The CAP project runs a database that tracks police misconduct in New York City and is used by public defense, civil rights, and human rights organizations. Learn more about their work.