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LAS Analysis: Stop-and-First Continues to Plague Communities of Color

The Legal Aid Society condemned the New York City Police Department (NYPD) over its racially biased stop-and-frisk practices that still persist despite pledges from City Hall and NYPD leadership to reverse this long-standing pattern, as reported by The Intercept.

According to recently released data from the NYPD, roughly 91% of reported stop-and-frisk procedures in 2020 involved New Yorkers of color. This appears to be a slight increase from 2018 and 2019, per NYPD data.

Black New Yorkers were subjected to the majority of stops at 56.23%, despite making up less than one quarter of New York City’s population. New Yorkers whom the NYPD characterize as “White Hispanic” (Latinx) were subjected to 21.48% of all reported stops.

White New Yorkers, according to a United States Census report from 2019, make up roughly 42.7% of New York City’s population but only comprised 8.97% of stop-and-frisk procedures for 2020.

“The data on the precincts with the highest number of stops only confirms what New Yorkers of color have been saying all along — predominantly Black and Latinx neighborhoods are policed differently than predominantly white neighborhoods, and stop-and-frisk is no exception,” said Molly Griffard, Legal Fellow with the Criminal Defense Practice’s Special Litigation Unit at The Legal Aid Society. “Anyone who believes stop-and-frisk is over clearly isn’t talking to people who live in these overpoliced neighborhoods that many of our Legal Aid clients call home.”