LAS Decries Unpredictable Immigration Court Scheduling

Immigration courts are resuming individual hearings, but advocates are concerned that schedules are being set without adequate time for lawyers to prepare or clients to appear, as reported by Documented NY.

Margaret Garrett, an attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Immigration Law Unit has an asylum case that was rescheduled for the beginning of November, much earlier than anticipated.

“It’s just obviously not enough time, she said. “If they had told me November 2nd six months ago, it’s not a problem, I understand. But they’re not giving us any time.”

Further complicating the situation, her client is currently caring for a family member suffering from COVID-19 who lives out of state and may not be able to travel to the hearing on short notice.

Garrett fears that without proper time to prepare, her client will lose the bid for asylum.  She has filed a motion of continuance in order to allow for time to build an appropriate case. That motion may or may not be granted.