Legal Aid Society


Watch: LAS Demands Enhanced Legal Protections for Minors in Interrogation

Marty Feinman, Director of Juvenile Justice Training at The Legal Aid Society, appeared on BNC News to discuss the growing demand for mandatory attorney representation for juveniles when being interrogated by the police.

Noting the well-established body of research demonstrating that juveniles are highly vulnerable to invalid 5th Amendment waivers and issuing false confessions when exposed to the pressures of interrogation, Feinman stated that juveniles detained by the police “need an attorney more than an adult does” to protect their right to remain silent.

“What we know from social science,” Feinman said, “is that developmentally speaking, adolescents are not in a position to be able to process the information, to be able to fully appreciate the abstract nature of what the right to remain silent means nor the risks involved in waiving it.”

Watch the full segment below.