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Elder Law Practice

The Brooklyn Office for the Aging offers comprehensive legal assistance to Brooklyn residents aged 60 and over through a telephone intake system and by referrals from the Housing Court, elected officials, and community organizations. The Office uses an interdisciplinary legal-social work framework to secure lasting solutions to the often complex legal problems facing older New Yorkers of modest means.

Our Impact

Ms. Jean T, age 83, has lived in her small Brooklyn rental apartment since the mid-1960s.  One day, her landlord announced, giving no warning or reason, that he wanted Ms. T to move out.  After Ms. T’s sister contacted our Brooklyn Office for the Aging on Ms. T’s behalf, one of our attorneys worked with the sisters to develop evidence showing that Ms. T had been living in her apartment since well before July 1 of 1971, which meant that Ms. T’s tenancy should be considered to be subject to Rent Control.  The landlord started an eviction lawsuit against Ms. T, but within one day of having received an email from our office indicating that we intended to fight the suit on the basis that Ms. T is a rent-regulated tenant, the landlord’s attorney withdrew the lawsuit and advised the landlord to allow Ms. T to remain in her apartment without fear of litigation.

While helping Ms. T to stabilize her housing, we also assisted her with respect to her Medicaid eligibility and in regard to her need for crucial life-planning documents like a durable power of attorney and health care proxy.


Although our Livingston Street offices are closed to the public, The Legal Aid Society’s Brooklyn Office for the Aging continues to help older Brooklyn residents with legal issues pertaining to housing and public benefits. Please call 718-722-3100 to ask for assistance.