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HIV/AIDS Representation Project (H/ARP)

The HIV/AIDS Representation Project (H/ARP) serves persons living with HIV and AIDS in the areas of government benefits, family law, consumer law, medical/HIV privacy, healthcare access, disability advocacy, advance planning and directives, discrimination, and other general civil matters. H/ARP is a citywide practice based out of The Legal Aid Society’s Harlem Community Law office.


The HIV/AIDS Representation Project (H/ARP) has continued its medical-legal partnership (MLP) initiative with Mount Sinai Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center healthcare systems. Patients can seek legal consultations on a diverse range of legal issues. Through these MLPs and conducting regular outreach, H/ARP addresses the gap in access to legal representation services experienced by many members of this community.


Call our H/ARP helpline at 718-579-8989 if you are a person living with HIV/AIDS and need assistance with a legal matter.