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A Day In The Life

Defending Tenant Rights in the Housing Practice

Aissatou Barry is helping New Yorkers stay in their homes. As a staff attorney in our Housing Practice, Aissatou defends tenants in housing court, working with them to prevent evictions, secure benefits, and connect them with the services they need.

As a Flatbush native, Aissatou has seen the effects of gentrification first hand. “My own neighborhood has changed immensely.” These changes are what inspired Aissatou to take a stand for tenants: so that she can ensure that longstanding members of communities are protected from displacement.

We have fought to make housing court a just and equitable place for our clients.

Aissatou has also seen changes in the way our city treats tenants in need. For years, Aissatou knew that “housing court can be an intimidating place for our clients.” Although it was originally created as a place to protect the rights of tenants, powerful landlords have often used their resources to their advantage to push around tenants. Thankfully for Aissatou and her clients, a new wave of reforms will help even the playing field for tenants. These systemic changes close loopholes that have allowed landlords to force tenants out of their homes and strengthens protections for renters across our city. “We have fought to make housing court a more just and equitable place for our clients.” Aissatou and her colleagues can now make an even bigger impact in the lives of the clients they serve. Together, they are making affordable housing a reality for New Yorkers in need.

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