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Harnessing Technology to Defend Our Clients in the Digital Forensics Unit

Lisa gives our staff the tools they need to defend our clients. As a Digital Forensics Analyst, Lisa works on cases involving electronic devices, acquiring information from cellphones, computers, and even surveillance cameras. Lisa uses her tech background to build cases for the New Yorkers we serve.

Our attorneys can now better understand and use the different types of digital evidence.

After working in IT, Lisa wanted to use her skills to make a difference. “I have always wanted to fight for the underdog.” In 2013, she took a position in our newly formed Digital Forensic Unit. As the Unit has continued to grow, Lisa and her colleagues have helped our staff find key evidence to exonerate our clients. This Unit offers essential assistance to attorneys across every borough, with staff members like Lisa offering their technical expertise to those in need.

I can come at these cases from another angle, providing some information on what evidence will be useful.

Just recently, Lisa worked on a case of a client accused of violating a protective order. The evidence stacked against our client looked convincing: the woman who accused him had been in the police station, showing officers a series of incoming call logs from our client’s number. Our client denied making these calls, so Lisa investigated. She found that our client did not in fact make any calls at that time. Instead, the woman had utilized a spoofing service, which made it seem as if she was receiving calls from our client’s number. This evidence freed our client, preventing an innocent man from spending further time in jail. Lisa’s work offers essential assistance to our clients and staff.

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