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Keeping Tenants in Their Homes as Part of the Eviction Defense Team

A novice runner for several years, this will be Sarah Cohen’s first official marathon. Running 26.2 miles in a single stretch is no small feat and find finding the time to train is not always easy to come by. Sarah is motivated by this opportunity to support Legal Aid’s mission and she is inspired to do this by the hard work of all her colleagues in the Bronx Neighborhood Office.

It’s really easy to evict someone illegally.

Even though things have settled down a little since March of last year, Sarah and the Eviction Defense team are still busy in the Bronx. While the Eviction Moratorium will likely stay in place for the time being, she explains that there’s been a significant uptick in illegal lockouts. “It’s really easy to evict someone illegally,” she explains. Landlords who own one or two properties either don’t know the law, or ignore it completely. We have also seen many tenants who are subleasing apartments getting locked out. Our clients come home from work, and find the key doesn’t work. Cases like this can go on for months, with complications such as a new tenant moving into the client’s former apartment while the case is pending.

A dedicated attorney, a new mother, and soon-to-be marathoner, we are thrilled to have Sarah on Team LAS. On November 7th, she’ll join tens of thousands of other runners on the journey throughout all five boroughs to raise funds to support the very work that she does every day.

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