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A Day In The Life

Lifting the Voices of Underserved Communities in the Criminal Defense Practice

As a supervising attorney in our Queens Criminal Defense Practice, Juliette-Noor Haji is empowering our staff as they fight for our clients.

Juliette has always been driven to support underserved communities. Both of her parents worked for the United Nations, and as Juliette puts it, “this type of work is in my DNA.” She has spent almost nine years in our Criminal Defense Practice, and, in that time, she has seen some important changes shape our work. With the inclusion of new, groundbreaking projects across the boroughs, our Criminal Defense Practice can better serve our clients no matter what legal issue they are facing. From our Decarceration Project, to our new Wrongful Conviction Unit, Juliette knows that our staff “have a tremendous amount of resources to draw on to better serve their clients.” These new projects, and the attorneys who run them, are taking our services to the next level.

I get to address concerns that our staff and our clients are having in the court house.

In addition to her role as a supervising attorney, Juliette is also part of a new program that is helping clients and staff make their voices heard in the courtroom. As a Court Liaison, Juliette addresses the concerns that staff and clients have when in the courthouse. These concerns can run the gambit. Recently, Juliette noticed that restrooms in the court house did not have changing stations. As a result, mothers were forced to change their babies on benches without any privacy. Juliette reached out and advocated for these mothers and successfully had changing stations installed. Even these seemingly small victories are important for our clients, ensuring that they and their families are treated with respect and dignity in the courthouse. Juliette’s work is empowering our staff and our clients.

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