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A Day In The Life

Securing the Benefits Clients Need to Thrive in the Disability Advocacy Project

Aisha is advocating for New Yorkers with disabilities. As a Paralegal case handler in our Government Benefits and Disability Advocacy Project, Aisha helps clients navigate the social security system so that they can secure the benefits they need to thrive.

Our clients want to tell their stories and have their voices heard.

Aisha and her colleagues represent clients in social security and disability hearings. She advocates for New Yorkers as they try to obtain new benefits, seek to secure existing coverage, or deal with overcharge or payment issues. Aisha works with her clients to demystify the government benefits system, taking all the jargon about forms and approvals and making it easy to understand. Oftentimes, even that small effort “means the world to our clients.”

Even breaking down the jargon into something understandable means a world to our clients.

For New Yorkers across the city, these benefit systems are difficult to navigate and take time and expertise to navigate. For people without the time or resources to figure it out, the consequences can be devastating. Unfortunately, clients are often unsure of what benefits they can receive, or simply do not know what type of assistance is available. That is why, for Aisha, getting to know her clients is an essential part of her job. “Our clients want to tell their stories and have their voices heard.” Thankfully, Aisha is there to listen. Aisha helps her clients navigate these complex systems, ensuring they have the coverage and care they need to live safe and fulfilling lives.

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