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Standing Up for Children in the Juvenile Rights Practice

Shashwat Dave is serving his community. As a Staff Attorney in our Juvenile Rights Practice, Shashwat gives a voice to children in need, defending their rights in the courtroom.

We have a unique role – we represent what the child wants.

Step into Shashwat’s office and you will see his commitment to his young clients right away. From floor to ceiling, his walls are covered with hand-drawn pictures from clients he has worked with over the past five years practicing in our Staten Island office. For Shashwat, every case means something special: “the work is emotionally taxing, but incredibly rewarding.” As a staff attorney, Shashwat has the unique role of representing children in a number of different cases. He notes that he primarily works on child protective cases, meaning he represents children who have suffered some type of neglect or abuse – including educational, medical, or even sexual abuse. Shashwat understands the importance of his role in a young client’s life, and always keeps the needs of his clients front and center. “We’re here to help people.”

I can serve my community and my country, and The Legal Aid Society supports me every step of the way.

For Shashwat, working in Staten Island is a unique experience. He and his colleagues share a strong sense of community among staff and clients. Shashwat’s dedication to his community doesn’t stop at the courtroom. Shashwat also serves as a member of the National Guard, offering his time and talent to serve our country. Even pulling double duty, Shashwat is proud of the work he can do. “I can serve my community and my country, and The Legal Aid Society supports me every step of the way.” Shashwat is making Staten Island a better place for all New Yorkers.

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