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Supporting Strong Neighborhoods in the Housing Justice Unit-Group Advocacy

As the forces of gentrification spread through New York City’s forgotten communities, Staff Attorneys in the Housing Justice Unit-Group Advocacy are fighting back against unscrupulous landlords.

New York City is undergoing serious changes. As the forces of gentrification march through forgotten communities, entire neighborhoods are being transformed. Unfortunately, vulnerable communities are bearing the brunt of these new developments. These communities “were forgotten about for a long time.” That’s where The Legal Aid Society’s Shivani Alamo and Morenike Fajana come in. As a Staff Attorney’s in the Housing Justice Unit-Group Advocacy, Shivani and Morenike help neighborhoods throughout the Bronx and Brooklyn fight back against unscrupulous landlords and organize to effectively articulate their rights

We are shifting the power dynamic.

Just recently, one of Morenike’s clients testified before the New York State Court of Appeals’ Commission on Access to Justice. Morenike was proud that her client was able to address the commission and tell them “what it takes to just stay in your home.” Her client’s compelling testimony is a reminder that this is still an uphill battle for many tenants. With Morenike and Shivani’s help, even more New Yorkers are getting a fair chance.

We’re taking affirmative action: including lawsuits against landlords, letter writing campaigns, and even rent strikes.

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Every donation helps us offer essential legal services to thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers, helping people buy food, pay rent, and care for themselves and their families.

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