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Upholding Our Values on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Team

As Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Ciara Walton facilitates employee resources groups and trainings that highlight the differences in communication styles, cultural backgrounds, identities, and unspoken trauma of the people we meet inside and outside of Legal Aid.

“We have forgotten about how to consciously be aware about our intentions and the impact of our words and actions. We must recognize that on the other side of the conversation is another human.” As our team fights for humanity in the justice system, we also strive to practice compassion and awareness internally as an organization.

Maintaining human connection digitally in an organization of over 2,200 is no small task. But Ciara presents an optimistic viewpoint: for some of our staff, the virtual spaces she creates to discuss race and equity actually provide more meaningful dialogue thanks to increased inclusion; live events may not be as accessible or accommodating. With greater staff participation, LAS moves progressively forward as an anti-oppression and anti-racist organization. 

“My colleagues do great work, hard work. We see the injustices and how they impact those we serve. We understand how those same injustices can impede our progression internally if we don’t continuously do the work to dismantle processes, systems, and spaces that do not exemplify our values and mission.” 

With her insight and expertise, Ciara meaningfully partners with all LAS staff to build community within, so we can exercise even more awareness, understanding, and compassion for those we serve and for each other. 

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