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Survivors Wish to Bring Federal Action Against Trafficker

Originally from Russia, these four women each met their trafficker under different circumstances, but eventually all lived together in his residence throughout the time they were under his control. Initially establishing trust with the women, the trafficker began a system of coercion, isolation, and abuse. This coercion included forcing them to work at a strip club where he would steal their wages and earnings, claiming he was using their money for a business venture.  In addition to requiring the women to dance at the club, they were also forced to clean, cooking, and perform physical maintenance on trafficker’s properties, for which they were not compensated. When the women told him they wanted to leave, the trafficker became more abusive and threatened our clients.

The clients escaped in December of 2017 and eventually found help from Safe Horizon.

The clients have claims for labor trafficking, minimum wage violations, fraud, breach of contract, and other common law claims. We are seeing a firm who will work with LAS attorneys to file and litigate this case in federal court.