Legal Aid Society

Trusts & Estates Assistance Needed to File Administration Petition

The Legal Aid Society had been representing an elderly client in an eviction proceeding that alleged she had breached an agreement to surrender the apartment she shared with her husband and daughter. $49,000 previously received by the client and her family from the landlord were deposited in an escrow account in April 2019 pending the outcome of the litigation. Tragically, our client’s husband died intestate in December of 2019 and two months later, after suffering a massive stroke, our client passed away in February with no Will and three surviving children.

Since our representation of the client has been abated by death, the Legal Aid Society needs to release the funds in the escrow account.  In order to facilitate that release we are seeking pro bono trusts & estate counsel to assist the daughter with filing a petition in Surrogates Court in order to be named administrator of her mothers’ estate.


Estate Assistance Needed to Help Client Resolve Foreclosure

When our client’s mother passed away she had an outstanding loan for her home. The home is now in foreclosure. The Legal Aid Society has been attempting to assist our client in assuming her mother’s loan or to get a loan of her own to pay off the existing loan to resolve the foreclosure case.

Our client’s mother left a will, but there were complications in the administration of it. We have been able to assist our client in resolving some issues, but are now seeking assistance with an outstanding issue. Our client’s father was not an owner of the home in question, but he was still married to our client’s mother at the time of his death. In addition to this, we encountered trouble finding a nephew of the mother in order to complete the estate administration process.

At this time we are seeking assistance with putting the property in our client’s name in order for her to move forward with either obtaining her own loan for the home or to assume her mother’s loan and resolve the foreclosure case.