Legal Aid Society

Victim of Human Trafficking Seeks Assistance Applying for Pardon

The Legal Aid Society represents a woman originally from the Dominican Republic who has lived in the United States since the age of 5 as a Lawful Permanent Resident. Our client was trafficked into prostitution and other illegal activities starting at the age of 17. She had seven convictions related to drugs and prostitution vacated in New York County because these convictions were a direct result of her having been a victim of human trafficking. She has two remaining convictions in Queens County, for petit larceny and attempted robbery in the 2nd degree, both of which were the direct of activities she was forced to engage in while being trafficked. These convictions make her deportable. Her motion to vacate these convictions was denied in Queens County Supreme Court. Our client has led a quiet life since her last conviction in 1986, when she escaped her traffickers for good. She has two adult children and is currently fighting chronic heart failure.

We are seeking pro bono assistance applying for a pardon for our client, eliminating the risk deportation, and allowing her to continue to live the life she has been leading for over three decades since her last conviction.