Legal Aid Society


LAS Decries Albany’s Callous Inaction on Housing Crisis

The Legal Aid Society is condemning Governor Hochul and the Legislature for failing to advance “Good Cause” eviction legislation, the Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP), or any other significant housing policy this session.

“Instead of acting on the most pressing public emergency impacting millions of New Yorkers across our state, Governor Hochul and the Legislature failed to advance any significant policy in the budget or subsequent session to address New York’s unprecedented housing crisis,” reads a statement from Legal Aid. “Tenants will have to pay the price for this inaction.”

“This a colossal failure of leadership, and once session concludes, lawmakers deserve the shaming that they’ll inevitably receive from their constituents for failing to do their jobs,” the statement continues. “In no other employment context would this dereliction of duty be tolerated.”

Legal Aid is demanding lawmakers convene an extraordinary session immediately and return to Albany to deliver on the comprehensive housing package that so many New Yorkers need and rightfully deserve.