Legal Aid Society


LAS Demands Transparency on Alleged Violations at City Shelters

The New York City Department of Investigation is reviewing potential violations of law at the City’s shelter intake facilities that have taken place since the City acknowledged it first violated the law on July 17, 2022, when it left four families with children to sleep overnight in the intake office, as reported by NBC 4 New York.

The investigation comes in response to pressure from The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless who are asking the City to provide clear and timely information about the number of people who have been forced to spend the night at the intake center in the Bronx.

New reporting shows that those four initial families were not included in the City’s daily homeless shelter reports which underscores the City’s refusal to be upfront and honest about these violations of law.

“The Administration’s continued failure to provide timely and accurate information on these families in need, including data requested by us weeks ago, suggests that this crisis could be far more widespread than what the City was initially forced to acknowledge,” reads a statement from the organizations.  “Our clients, homeless New Yorkers, including newly arrived families and individuals from the southern border, deserve immediate answers, and we’re considering every option, including litigation, should the City continue to withhold this critical information.”