Legal Aid Society


LAS Decries Mayor's Order to Suspend Right to Shelter Law

The Legal Aid Society and Coalition for the Homeless are condemning Mayor Eric Adams for Executive Order 402, which will suspend key protections of Right to Shelter laws for homeless families with children.

“For decades, Right to Shelter laws have protected people from immeasurable harm, including long-term New Yorkers and new arrivals to our city, reads a statement from the organizations. “Executive Order 402 could force families with children to languish at the City’s intake facility for extended periods of time, potentially days on end, prolonging suffering that no human being should experience.”

Advocates are particularly concerned that order could result in homeless families with children being placed in communal settings, which puts them at risk of communicable diseases, sexual assault, and adversely impacts mental health.

“The City has other options, including implementing recommendations we have offered many times since last summer to transition those residing in shelters to permanent housing, which will create much-needed shelter capacity,” the statement continues. “We are currently evaluating the executive order and considering all of our options, including litigation.”