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LAS Slams City Over Inaction on NYPD Protest Abuses

The Legal Aid Society and police reform advocates called out the lack of accountability and consequences for NYPD officers videotaped engaging in outrageous acts of misconduct towards racial justice protesters at various actions last year, as reported by THE CITY.

Despite video evidence illustrating 64 cases investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s request, only five NYPD officers are facing disciplinary procedures.

In spite of the mayor’s repeated promises of a full breakdown of the 64 cases, NYPD officials refused to name the nine officers against whom minor discipline was imposed stemming from substantiated or partially substantiated cases – leaving public defenders wondering what more evidence is needed to illustrate officer abuses.

Jennvine Wong, an attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project, said that “without more information to evaluate these findings, I think a layperson would wonder how so many videos where it is obvious excessive force has been used would be unsubstantiated by IAB investigators.”