LAS Demands Transparency on Cops with Credibility Issues

The Legal Aid Society is demanding greater transparency about the New York Police Department (NYPD) officers who are arresting their clients, as reported by THE CITY.

For ten years, the Bronx district attorney has kept a secret list of “no fly” officers whose conduct would undermine their credibility should they be called to testify. An officer’s credibility can be a key issue for a defense attorney advising their client as to accepting a plea or going to trial, and defenders are demanding greater access to that information.

While some officers find themselves on the list for infractions like fixing parking tickets for family members, Jennvine Wong, an attorney with The Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project, sees hypocrisy in keeping any misconduct a secret.

“The NYPD made such a big deal about broken windows, how small little infractions can turn into an avalanche of bigger issues with larger, more violent crimes,” she said. “Well, apply that same logic to officer misconduct then.”