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Watch: LAS Breaks Down Fight Over WiFi for Students in Shelters

Susan J. Horwitz,  Supervising Attorney of the Education Law Project at The Legal Aid Society, appeared on Bronxnet’s Open BXRx podcast to discuss the joint suit filed with Milbank LLP against New York City for its failure to provide students living in shelters with WiFi access in order to continue their education.

The suit argues that the advent of widespread remote learning in the COVID-19-era has revealed the deficiency of the city’s technological network to provide reliable access in shelters, leaving many students in shelters in service “dead zones” that render them unable to participate in online learning.

“Right now the acute issue is the access to remote learning, but if you think about equity in education, every kid who has access to the internet is using the internet to do homework, to do research” said Horwitz, “and so we’ve got this whole group of kids in shelters who don’t have that opportunity, because they don’t have internet in the shelters.”

Watch the full segment below.